GeoSmartCity National Workshop, Prague

Prague (CZ), 29 October 2014

The Smart City concept is generally characterized by the ability to integrate data provided by different sources and represents them on the territory. In a Smart City context, the availability of open geospatial information related to municipality fosters the integration of them with other public/private data providing advanced and specialised services answering to the addressed Smart City scenarios (underground and green energy).

The workshop will introduce the GeoSmartCity project leveraging the use of open GI as recommended by the EU Open Data Strategy, with an emphasis on Municipalities as service providers and data to professionals and citizens. The “Geospatial” component will be confronted with the state of the art of the Smart City strategy in Prague. Besides that, the national GeoInformation strategy will be discussed particularly emphasising the Open Data and Open Services philosophy. The GeoSmartCity principles will be documented on the South Moravia region using the “Underground” scenario focused on the geospatial services about utility networks and their effective maintenance via mobile clients.



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