Target users

Who could be involved in the project

The target user of the project is the city, considered as a body to which the technology of on-line data sharing can give a blow of smartness. That improves its state of health and of its organs, among them underground networks, circulatory tissue, and energy, vital for life.

For what targeted user perspectives are concerned, GeoSmartCity will impact on:


Public Authorities (PAs)

By making their open data re-usable and demonstrating the added value of produced data. Data publishers (particularly PAs) need support to fulfil the INSPIRE obligations and to connect their data with processes, creating sustainable operations for open data publishing.

Utility Companies

Which can have a new and easy access to open GI data and related services facilitating the management and the maintenance of their assets and improving the planning and distribution of their resources.

Open Data re-users

SMEs know the opportunity offered by open data to improve services and create new products. The project will focus on making methods and tools available to SMEs to optimize open data applications, creating the conditions for SMEs to benefit and be part of smart & open cities initiatives.

Citizens and professionals

At consumer level, there is a big demand in terms of functionalities and content, justifying the interest to build mobile applications based on location aware services and geo-data.

Software developers

They will be able to leverage on GeoSmartCity by building connectors and applications based on the interfaces based on interoperable standards adopted in the project framework.

Software service providers

Which are selling (Linked) Open Data processing and consulting, by increasing their possibility to design new advanced processes and products.


In addition to the above targeted users, GeoSmartCity will address the project outcomes to the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the two GeoSmartCity scenarios (Underground and Green Energy) and the beneficiaries at each pilot application level.