The GeoSmartCity Partners

A key aspect for the success of GeoSmartCity is the availability of the partnership with the competences needed to cover the different aspects that will be addressed by the project.
These competences are covered by the different partners:

Technological responsibles: GeoSmartCity is supported by strong knowledge in different fields including: geo-System Architecture, Linked Open Data and data management/integration (AVINET); standards, data harmonization and interoperability (EPSILON ITALIA SRL); System integration, (Linked) Open Data, spatial web services and interoperability. (SINERGIS SRL), SW integration and techniques on mobile devices (INTERGRAPH CS SRO).

Technological and intermediate partners: TRACASA, EPSILON INTERNATIONAL, the Flemmish Environment Agency (VMM), INTERGRAPH CS SRO, GEOBID, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and University of Girona have meaningful competences on INSPIRE, data harmonization, web services, etc., also thanks to various experiences in INSPIRE related European projects. They are also responsible for the implementation of a pilot case in their respective Cities/Regions, in strict connection with the respective reference Authorities.

Local municipality responsible for their pilots: Municipality of OEIRAS (PT), Municipality of Reggio Emilia (CRE, IT) with the support of SINERGIS SRL and Municipality of Genova (CDG, IT), with the support of GISIG, IREN Aqua Gas (a MultiUtility Company) and TICASS (a Consortium of many stakeholders operating in the Underground scenario) will be directly responsible for their pilots.

Training responsibles: The University of Girona (UdG) together with GISIG will cover the capacity building and training aspects of GeoSmartCity, with their great experiences.

Project management and dissemination responsible: GISIG with strong experience in managing European projects and in networking. In addition, a subcontract to the Urban Data Management Society ( will guarantee an effective dissemination channel towards the wide European Community of stakeholders in Urban Data Management.



Geographical Information Systems International Group

Genova, Italy

44° 26′ 3.2748″ N, 8° 57′ 39.1104″ E




IREN Acqua Gas S.p.A.
Genova, Italy
44° 24′ 35.6796″ N, 8° 56′ 24.6654″ E


Trento, Italy
46° 07′ 04.1″ N, 11° 06′ 16.2″ E



Prague, Czech Republic
50° 7′ 5.970″ N, 14° 29′ 59.400″ E


Asplan Viak Internet AS
Sogndal, Norway
61° 13 ‘47.463″ N 7° 6’ 1.7748″ E



Mendicino (CS), Italy
39° 16′ 53.3346″ N, 16° 12′ 39.6324″ E


Trabajos Catastrales, S.A.
Sarriguren, Spain
42° 48′ 51.3″ N, 1° 35′ 50.2″ W



Comune di Genova
Genova, Italy
44° 24′ 39.4122″ N, 8° 55′ 53.673″ E


Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development S.c.r.l.
Genova, Italy
44° 24′ 20.1492″ N, 8° 56′ 21.051″ E



Turun ammattikorkeakoulu (Turku University of Applied Sciences)
Turku, Finland
60° 27′ 6.5268″ N, 22° 15′ 59.8674″ E

EPSILON International SA

Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development S.c.r.l.
Marousi, Greece
38° 2′ 0.7002″ N, 23° 48′ 36.6582″ E



Vlaamse milieumaatschappij (Flemish Environment Agency)
Erembodegem, Belgium
50° 55′ 5.5734″ N, 4° 2′ 40.2648″ E

GEOBID sp.z o.o.

Katowice, Poland
50° 15′ 53.6112″ N, 19° 1′ 25.6152″ E



Universitat de Girona (University of Girona)
Girona, Spain
41° 59′ 06.94″ N, 2° 49′ 39.84″ E


Comune di Reggio nell’Emilia
Reggio nell’Emilia, Italy
44° 42′ 0″ N, 10° 38′ 0″ E



Empresa de Cartografia e Sistemas de Informação, E.M., S.A.
Oeiras, Portugal
38° 44′ 13.8264″ N, -9° 18′ 18.0828″ E