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The HUB & Services

GeoSmartCity establishes a cross-platform, able to publish open GI and to provide specialized services based on open standards

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The GeoSmartCity “Hub”

The GeoSmartCity “Hub”is a software solution that enable integration of spatial and non-spatial data across a government organization or enterprise.
The overarching objective of the Hub is to provide common re-usable business logic for the pilots in the GeoSmartCity project.
The benefit of the Hub lies simultaneously in:

  • its innovative approach to bridging and bringing together public sector data infrastructures
  • its extensive use of well-known open standards;
  • its simplicity of implementation
  • its Web Service oriented architecture
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The GeoSmartCity Services

Geosmartcity Provides a Services platform to View, Analyze and Extract data from the GeoSmartCity OpenData Hub. They are services related to data ingestion, management, view and access Data access services are generic and available to all GeoSmartCity Pilot Applications.

Universal Discovery services
  • GI Open Standard discovery services (CSW)
  • Non GI Open data discovery services
Specialized Services

The specialized services are “pilot-driven” and linked to the detailed requirements coming from pilots in terms of data processing and user engagement. The overarching objective of the specialized services is to provide common re-usable functionalities among the two scenarios (Green Energy and Underground).

  • Spatio temporal geoprcessing services
  • Standard Geoprocessing services
  • Basic Business intellingence services
  • Advanced Business Intelligence services
GeoSmartcity data access services
  • Open standard based service to view, analyze extract GI open data (WFS, WMS, WCS)
  • WFS to RDF (linked data) data transformation
  • SPARQL end point
  • Basic geographic data visualization services
  • Basic tabular data visualization services
Ingestion and data Integration services
  • Harmonised data storage (based on GI standard, open data format) and a set of ingestion and data relation services mainly composed by:
    • Ingestion toolkit of GI data (open/restricted)
    • Ingestion toolkit of not-GI data (open/restricted)
    • Refine and reconcile toolkit to link and interconnect data
  • Crowd-sourcing base services based on location services