GeoSmartCity Workshop at Genova Smart Week (in Italian)

Genova (ITA), 16 June, 2014


In the context of the underground rational management, good practices developed in the recent past have shown how crucial is the exchange of content and experiences between Institutions, Services Operators, Universities and Research Institutions and Providers of GIS solutions.

The GeoSmartCity project “Open geo-data for innovative services and user applications towards Smart Cities” is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), Information Communication Technologies – Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP).

GeoSmartCity, whose coordinator is GISIG Association (Geographical Information System International Group), involves 15 partners from 9 different European countries, including the Municipality of Genoa.

The Municipality of Genoa, through the participation in the GeoSmartCity project, has the opportunity to strengthen the dialogue with the managers of Underground Networks in the Genoa area, to improve the process of underground data sharing and the flow of these data to and from Public Administration

The meeting proposed as part of the Smart Week aims to present the project to the underground network operators, in order to share with the data owners the ways in which these data will be made available for the pilot case of Genoa.