Supporting the reduction of traffic emissions trough "green" routing and parking applications

GeoSmartCity pilot in Turku is aiming to reduce the amount of private traffic by showing possibilities and benefits using other options (bus, bicycles, walking), promote alternative routes bypassing the city center, and raise the usage of parking areas in the city.

Turku pilot is divided into three use cases: green routing, green driving and green parking.

Green routing helps a user to find the route that produces the least amount of emissions and is yet feasible. The emissions (CO2) are calculated according the vehicle type (public transport, car, bicycle) and the number of passengers (public transport).

Commuting area around Turku spans to area of 100 km radius around Turku. Green driving aims to encourage commuters to select public transportation as part of their route when possible and feasible.

Green parking aims to direct public to use parking areas surrounding the city center.


Anonymous crowd-sourcing allows for posting, viewing, modifying and deleting comments from view.

Routing service is used by typing starting and ending locations and selecting the vehicle. In case of public transportation time to travel if it is other than current time.

Locations can be modified on map or re-typing the address. Vehicle specific preferences are changed by selecting the “preferences” icon.

Comments can be viewed, modified, deleted and posted by selecting the icon “comments”, providing location and category and filling the comment fields.

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Green routing app


This application has been developed by the Turku University of Applied Sciences.
For inquiries and to know more about this experience please contact Turku University of Applied Sciences or CONTACT US.

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