Reggio Emilia

Energy performance of buildings and renewable system

This pilot application, managed by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, deals with particularly complex issues regarding energy performance of public and private buildings and renewable energies plants.

The goal is to provide policy makers and technicians with useful functionalities:

  • general overview of energy performance of all territory buildings and increase of photovoltaic systems in order to define strategic policies and planning actions to encourage efficient use of energy and to reduce CO2 emissions
  • geographical information on energy performance of the Municipality Buildings (owned or used for its services) in order to improve their energy management
  • Geo-localisation of solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems installed on Municipality buildings in order to monitor their management
  • useful tool for monitoring the CO2 reduction target fixed by the Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy - PAES (Covenant of Mayors) and, more generally, support for local and national energy policies.


  • Help citizens to understand Municipality best practices about energy improvement
  • Publish geo-data in open format for transparency, to promote the re-use for scientific and commercial purposes.

Once identified services to be developed within the pilot, Municipality technicians had to collect numerous datasets, and after they had to clean and standardize them in order to obtain linked, harmonized and geocoding data.
The main data are related to:

  • All the area Buildings (source “Municipality internal buildings Registry”)
  • Municipality buildings - energy units (source “Municipality Holding Department”)
  • Gas and electricity consumption of all territory buildings (source “National Tax Agency”)
  • Municipality buildings energy consumptions (gas, heating, electricity, ...) (source “Internal Departments databases and documents”)
  • Photovoltaic plants in the territory that access to energy account (source “GSE”)
  • Solar-thermal and photovoltaic systems on Municipality Buildings (source “Internal departments database”)
  • Energy certifications issued by the Region of Emilia Romagna (source “SACE system”)

GeoSmartCity Hub components used


This application has been developed by SINERGIS and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

For inquiries and to know more about this experience please contact Municipality of Reggio Emilia or CONTACT US.

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Energy performance web app

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Web Client Demo video

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