Crowdsourcing event management platform

With the implementation of event management platform, the Oeiras Municipality, hopes to create a more efficient warning system of interruptions in public roads, reduce traffic and CO2 emissions and optimize the management of the underground.

The system functions as a mobile crowdsourcing platform for characterization and location of ruptures in water network.

The system also serves as a disclosure platform to publish traffic interruptions.

The System shall serve as a Metadata and Open Data provider through Web Services. GPS Mobile Enterprises use data from traffic interruptions available to integrate into their platforms.

The Municipality of Oeiras is the System Administrator for the road network and publishes WMS services with these data as well as all the base map information.


The goal is to achieving a close monitoring of occurrences in the underground network and decrease of water waste with the following functionalities:

  • Crowdsourcing: Insertion of a crowdsourcing event trough the mobile client
  • Search Water\Sewer Interventions: Access the web application and do research according to the characteristics of crowdsourcing events.
  • Client authentication: The web client ensures different authentication levels depending on user roles.
  • Croudsourcing report aproval: An authenticated user approves the crowdsourcing feedback for these inputs appear on the map.

GeoSmartCity Hub components used


This application has been developed by Municípia.
For inquiries and to know more about this experience please contact Municípia or CONTACT US.

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