Specialised services for energy performance, emissions estimation and solar potential calculation.

With the implementation of this platform the municipality of Oeiras hopes to monitor energy consumption in public buildings and thus achieve to set goals for reducing consumption.

At the planning level expects to achieve a balance between the various urban areas in relation to energy balance. The goal is to create an energy efficient city.

The system will act as an aid platform for monitoring annual energy consumption in the municipality, but will also be able to provide an estimate of the production of solar energy for new buildings through a tool for uploading new buildings.

The system also provides a tool for calculating the CO2 footprint for buildings in the project area, it is also possible to calculate the performance of the building of the project area. With the analysis of all the information the system will calculate the energy balance between the census tracts of the project área.

The System shall serve as a Metadata and Open Data provider through Web Services.
The Municipality of Oeiras is the System Administrator.


Pilot main functionalities

  • Import file with new building(s) and check the correct visualization of the map showing the Solar potential calculation for the uploaded buildings
  • View Solar Potential for existing buildings
  • View and Calculate the Energy performance of buildings
  • Calculate de carbon footprint for the household

Impact and benefits of the results

  • Monitoring of energy balancing in the project area
  • Tool for the community to predict what production is expected in the buildings to build
  • Crowdsourcing tool with the objective of achieving the energetic effectiveness of all buildings in the project area

Access the application

Energy consumption web app


This application has been developed by Municípia.

For inquiries and to know more about this experience please contact Municípia or CONTACT US.

Training Material: Pilot overview

Training Material: Application tutorial