Collection of georeferenced information about building data and green energy production & consumption

Maroussi Pilot is a “green energy” GSC scenario ambitioning to facilitate diffusion and management of renewable energy within cities, and thus, aiming to:

  • support public energy policy makers
  • facilitate the management of “cities renewable energy plans”
  • promote buildings’ energy retrofit (responsible for 40% of a city’s energy consumption) and support the energy transition strategy (i.e. reduction of CO2 emissions and development of local energy saving economy)

Therefore, it takes advantage of (i) existing data & collected geo-referenced information about building data, (ii) green energy production and energy consumption across the city via field survey and, (iii) existing specialized applications (Map4data app) as realized in the project SUNSHINE to collect the required datasets.

Maroussi is a suburban city located north-east of Athens, one of the biggest municipalities of Athens (13.938 km2) and metropolitan center of the northern suburbs.


Maroussi is a Covenant of Mayors follower city, and thus has:


The Involved actors in the pilot are (i) Citizens of the municipality; (ii) Public administration; (iii) Local authorities; (iv) Energy inspectors; (v) Buildings managers; (vi) City planning department; (vii) Epsilon staff.

Benefits of the pilot results

  • The data publication will enable citizens and SMEs to make valuable comments and enhance their energy consumption behavior.
  • The Maroussi municipality will benefit from the data harmonization procedure established during the project lifecycle complying all existing geo-located energy datasets with the INSPIRE Directive.
  • Citizens and other interested stakeholders will be able to get access and interact to this open-structured information through the GSC hub.

Technological and knowledge impact

The expected beneficiaries are:
  • The departments of the municipality dealing with city planning, as well as public administration that can benefit and can take advantage of the knowledge/datasets developed
  • The local society, that can benefit from emission reductions based on the produced energy maps.
  • Public administration, that can set new environmental policies based on the energy maps results.

Access the application

Maroussi Green Energy Client


This application has been developed by EPSILON INTERNATIONAL SA and the Municipality of Maroussi.
For inquiries and to know more about this experience please contact Municipality of Maroussi or CONTACT US.

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