Supporting and promoting bicicle mobility trough open data provission and routing functionalities


The Girona pilot is a geo-data crowdsourcing web application with the final objective to attract people to a less pollutant mobility system (bicycle) and also to highlight, promote and enjoy the less polluted and healthier spaces of the city.

From a user point of view, the pilot has been designed in order to serve in two different perspectives:

One, related to identify and provide a ‘bicycle universe’; that is all the services and resources related to bicycle: bike lanes, bike racks, bike sharing-points, bike rental shops, bike repairing shops, etc.
Moreover, the pilot is designed to add missing information through allowing users to create and add new data related bike services (rental, retail and repair).

Second is to help in the bicycle mobility in terms of healthy routes design. In this sense, the Girona streets have been categorized in terms of pollution based on an algorithm designed especially for this objective.

The algorithm takes into account those street structures and characteristics directly related to the accumulation of pollutants: street width, the presence or absence of buildings at both sides (street typology), the presence of bike lanes, and the Average Daily Traffic (summarized by days of the week, and time period -morning, afternoon and night-).

For instance, a routing calculation based on this customized and adapted street network, will enable users to decide whether a route to school is healthier than another, and also will allow the local government to monitor the evolution of this condition in terms of smart city management.

The Girona pilot web application offers the following main functionalities:
  • Data visualization and consult information related to the ‘bike universe’
  • Search streets by address
  • Search the healthiest routes (routing) and save it (available for logged users only)
  • Edit/modify new bike services (available for logged users only)

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Bike planner application

GeoSmartCity Hub components used


This application has been developed by SIGTE.
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