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Energy policy appeared to be a prominent feature of European integration by the early institutions of the European Community. During the last decade the European Union has been facing a growing number of energy challenges. Ssecure, reliable, affordable, clean and equitable energy supply is fundamental to European growth and human development and presents huge challenges.

The module traces the path of the European energy policy evolution, starting from the beginning of the common European energy policy (2005) to the present days, highlighting goals, challenges and critical issues. The main legal and policy reference documents are analysed, with particular attention to the complex interrelationship between energy, technology, climate and environmental policy. Some flashes are devoted to the building sector which accounts for 40% of all energy consumption and that will be treated in deep in a dedicated training module "Building energy performances".

The module consists of these parts as follows:

  • EU Energy strategy development

  • Aims of EU energy strategy:
    • the 20-20-20 Goals;
    • the 2050 roadmap;
    • 2030 Energy Strateg.

  • The building sector and the Energy Related Products Directive
Learning outcomes

When completing this module, the learner will be provided with a general overview of the European energy policy strategy.

Intended Audience

This seminar aims at managers, professionals as well as stakeholders interested in the EU Energy Policy.


No specific prerequisites, but basic knowledge about the function of the web is recommended.

Web lecture. The module is a self-learning module.
Expected workload
Expected workload is 1 hour.